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Housing, Nursing home, frail elderly, retired migrants, methodological nationalism

Where is ‘place’ in Aging-in-place?

Transnational issues for the Danish state and its retirement migrants abroad.

Journal of Housing For the Elderly, 2015, 29, 1-2, 146-163.

Would it be a good idea to establish European institutions of care for the frail elderly in the Southern parts of Europe - with the standards of Northern European nursing homes? This article builds on a qualitative study among Danish retirement migrants and their experiences with need for care or support while living abroad. It is showed that Danish welfare provisions seem deeply embedded in methodological nationalism since only citizens with residence within the borders of Denmark have the right to live in public nursing homes or to receive in-home help. As is currently the case for retirees living abroad, the ideas of Aging-in-place is out of place.

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Qualitative methodology, embodiment, life course, anthropology of the senses, aging

Sensing sense and mobility at the end of the life course: a methodology of embodied interaction. Chapter 11.; pp. 199-214 in Researching the Life CourseCritical Reflections from the Social Sciences. Eds. Nancy Worth and Irene Hardill. Policy Press. 

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Nordic Seniors On the Move. Mobility and Migration in Later Life(Eds. Anne Leonora Blaakilde & Gabriella Nilsson). Lund Studies in Arts and Cultural Sciences, vol 4. 2013.

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