My Year 2014 - posted December 30th


By 2014 I started working with two very interesting research projects, both with a duration from 2014-2016.

My position as associated professor is situated at University of Copenhagen, Dept. of Media, Cognition and Communication, connected to a research cooperation together with four colleagues from the department; Christa Lykke Christensen, who is the leader, Anne Jerslev, Cecilie Givskov and Line Nybro Petersen. My very old and very good colleague and friend, Christine E. Swane is also participating, and the overall topis is Ageing and Media. My own media project concerns radiolistening practices in a life course perspective, and I presented a paper about this at the ESA-Conference in Klagenfurt, Austria, September 19: Radio-listening and its impact on experiences of ageing


My other work position is situated at the Foundation Ensomme Gamles Værn, which, in collaboration with the Municipality of Copenhagen, have funded a three year research project following the start and development of a multicultural nursing home in Denmark; Peder Lykke Centret. This project is carried out in coorporation also with Christine E. Swane, director of Ensomme Gamles Værn, and Eva Ahlgreen Petersen, Municipality of Copenhagen. I presented papers about this topic at three academic conferences in 2014; in Copenhagen (Nordic Migration Conference), Helsinki (NNHSH/Nordic Network for Health Research within Social Sciences and the Humanities) and Antalya (6th International Social and Applied Gerontology Symposium).



My ever-lasting topic of interest in migration and later life resulted in various interesting seminars and conferences with the opportunity to discuss and learn from other scholars in the field.

I was invited by Annika T. Larson and Eva Jeppsson-Grassman to NISAL, National Institute for the Study of Ageing and Later Life to present a paper and participate in a seminar about retirement migration with Nordic colleagues within this field from Sweden and Finland. Most of the participants had contributed with chapters to the anthology Nordic Seniors on the Move. Mobility and Migration in Later Life, ed. by Gabriella Nilsson and me, which was launched in February this year. We in the group hope for further cooperation in the future.

Futhermore, I was invited to present papers about Danish retirement migration at the IARU (International Alliance of Research Universities) Conference held in Copenhagen in June 21st, and also at the Southern Danish University in Odense, June 2nd. At IARU I enjoyed meeting the American scholars Jay Sokolovsky and Maria Vesperi for the first time, and to meet Andrew Scharlach again as well as Swedish Åsa Alftberg, and, as always, enthusiastic Bjarke Oxlund who was one of the organisers. After many years of no contact, it was a pleasure also to meet again with Lis Puggaard from Denmark. At University of Southern Denmark, I was invited by newly appointed professor Peter Simonsen who was also presenting his new and very interesting book from literary Gerontology; Livslange liv.

Regarding my previous studies of elderly Turkish migrants in Denmark, I also presented papers about this while attending 8th International Symposium on Cultural Gerontology (Galway, Ireland, April 10th) and Turkish MIgration Conference (London May 30th). In Galway, almost all of the members from both of my research groups participated, which was a very pleasant experience, and we had a nice dinner with the Swedish members of our scientific advisory board, Karin Lövgren and Håkan Jönson, not to mention that we met interesting colleagues from around the world, such as Barbara Marshall and Julia Twigg, whom we also had the pleasure to invite for a media seminar in Copenhagen in October. At the conference in London on Turkish Migration, I enjoyed being together with Nilufer Korkmaz from Antayla, Turkey, and we met new and interesting scholars such as Tine Buffel and Hürrem Tezcan-Güntekin, whom I also hope to cooperate with in the future.

As the Danish member of the Nordic Steering group of Nordic Network for Health Research within the Social Sciences and the Humanities, I participated in arranging our second conference, this year in Helsinki: Creative and Able Citizens: Managing Health in a Life Course Perspective. The other steering members are Karine Aasgaard Jansen, Kristofer Hansson and Susanne Ådahl, and we enjoy working together with this network funded by Swedish FORTE. Our conference in 2015 will take place in Bergen at May 4-5 with the title: Encounters Between Nordic Health, Welfare and the Global: Challenges and Possibilities. Call for papers is open until February 15, and everyone is most welcome. Participation for accepted presenters is free.

The conferences of this year were most fruitful and enlivening.

Highlights this year were the ESA (Research Network on Ageing in Europe, Europan Sociological Association) conference in Klagenfurt, Austria, because so many interesting papers were compiled in one place, the keynotes by Josef Hörl, Julia Twigg, Martin Kohli and Harald Künemund were excellent, and I met very interesting new people such as Barbara Ratzenböck, Austria, and Zdenko and Marija Zeman from Croatia, plus I enjoyed spending good times with Yvon van der Pijl, Holland, Julia Twigg, UK, Jette Thuesen and Anne Liveng, DK, Annika T. Larson, Eva Jeppsson-Grassman, Sweden, and Jenni Spännari, Finland.

Another conference highligt was the very successul session on Elderly migrants at the Nordic Migration Conference in Copenhagen which was organised by Anika Liversage from SFI, Denmark.

Finally, the conference in Antalya in October was as usual a very interesting experience, and it is always a pleasure to be met by the great hospitality of Suzan Yazici, whom I consider my friend and hope to see often in the future, as well as her friend and colleague Nilufer Korkmaz. They arranged – also as previously – a wonderful trip for some of the guests, so together with Karen Roberto, Nina Silverstein, Patricia Brownell, James Collins, Susan Somers, Dena Shenk, Yvonne Schickhof and some of their Turkish colleagues, my husband Tom and I were taken to spectacular places at the Turkish Mediterranean coast. Unfortunately, Rachel Pruchno and her husband could not come.

Next year will be filled with conferences in Croatia, Denmark, Norway and Germany; at the 33. Nordic Ethnology and Folklore Conference I will be co-hosting two sessions on ageing together with Aske Juul Lassen and others from the Humanities team of Center for Healthy Ageing, respectively on institutionalisation together with Georg Drakos from Stockholm, and at the NordMedia Conference, which is also situated in Copenhagen next year, I and Line Nybro Petersen have proposed a Working group on Ageing and media. If someone is interested in this, you are most welcome to contact me.

Other activities

After ten wonderful years as the editor-in-chief of the Danish Journal of Gerontology; Gerontologi, I passed on the responsibility to Aske Juul Lassen and Louise Scheel Thomasen, who are young and talented scholars in Gerontology, and in order to fill up my free time I started a Qualitative Forum under the auspices of Danish Gerontological Society, called DGS-K. Fortunately, many scholars indicated interest in this nye forum, and three engaged women joined me in a steering group with this; Sara Mosberg Iversen, SDU, Ditte Stilling Borchorst from RUC and Line Folsgaard Petersen from VIA, Århus. Our first arrangement is going to take place January 26th at University of Copenhagen, concerning qualitative methodology in institutions. If interested, please contact Sara :

However, reading and editing is a favourite activity of mine, and besides having been a reviewer for the Swedish Riksbankens Jubilæumsfond, I have also had the pleasure to help two valued colleagues with their writings. One of these is professor emerita Marianne Schroll´s very recommendable book (in Danish): Århundredets børn. Sundhed og aldring i det 20. århundrede belyst gennem Befolkningsundersøgelserne i Glostrup og samtaler med 13 95-årige fra 1914-kohorten. The book is free to download at the webpage of Danish Gerontological Institute:

The other publication is a huge and amazing work by Deane Alan Simpson: Young-Old Urban Utopians of an Ageing Society, published by Hans Müller Publishers. I was happy also to be invited for Simpson´s book launch at December 12th to present a comment, which can be read here on the Blaaggen.

One of my former students from Ethnology, Dorte Daugaard Jensen, wrote a very interesting master thesis about a tabooed topic; namely the role of the stepmother. Because of the quality, relevance, and interest of this thesis, I received funding from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science for her to write a popular book about the subject, and I will follow the process of writing with excitement. Simultaneously, it is the intent that she will be the reader as I should realise my own dream of writing a popular book on motherhood in a life course perspective.

On top of all my other engagements, I hope this will be possible. There is still popular interest in this topic, and in 2014 I gave a public speech in Aalborg om Modern Grandparenthood, wrote a popular article for the magazine Women & Society, published by the Society of Danish Women, and participated in tv, radio and news paper debates about the subject, which involves so many people in their everyday life.



Nordic Seniors on the Move. Mobility and Migration in Later Life. Edited in collaboration with Gabriella Nilsson. Lund Studies in Arts and Cultural Studies, vol 4. Lund University, Sweden. (Publication year was 2014, but according to technicalities, it had to be indicated as 2013.)

Introduction. Nordic Seniors on the Move. Mobility and Migration in Later Life. Written in collaboration with Gabriella Nilsson. Pp. 7-25 in Nordic Seniors on the Move. Mobility and Migration in Later Life. Lund Studies in Arts and Cultural Studies, vol 4. Lund University, Sweden

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